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How to preserve fresh flowers for a long time.?

I wana send fresh flowers as gift to my beloved and it would take around 6 days for the delivery. I want to know in details how to pack the flowers and keep it fresh for her to receive with joy and fervour as it is her birthday.

How to preserve fresh flowers for a long time.?
Forget it.... they won't last. You'd be much better off contacting a florist that has FTD... they will make sure she gets her flowers fresh.... You can call any FTD florist in your area and they will contact another FTD florist near where your beloved is and they will deliver the flowers fresh.

Here's a link... you can even order online
Reply:The Redesign Diva is RIGHT ON POINT. I sent flowers this way while overseas. Also, to family and friends that live in other states. This way is WAY better than trying to send flowers through the mail. As hot as it is, and we are talking six days!!!......anything you do to preserve them might be in vain, and also add to shipping weight/cost. It is not written that all the mail/package processing locations in route will be cool or condusive to preserving flowers. On top of that, I don't think I have seen a refrigerated USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx truck.

There is another option, besides FTD, there is Teleflora, just to give you a couple to choose from. Personally, I have had better results with FTD. You can even provide the words you want on the attached card, as well as add other things like balloons, etc. You have the option to 'do it up', or just keep it simple. Your beloved should feel special and loved getting flowers delivered. The mail man comes 6 days a week. LOL

GOOD LUCK, and hope this helps.

Looking for an online delivery service that offers something unique (ie: not flowers)?

So I've sent my girl flowers at work a couple of times, but its getting old. I want something a little more bizarre/interesting/funny. Any ideas? Is there an

Looking for an online delivery service that offers something unique (ie: not flowers)?

for the uk

and we have ebay

Nintendo Wii

How do I make a complaint of a purchase I made. Flower Expo sent the wrong colors and flowers to a funeral?

I went to Flower Expo and ordered a bouquet for a funeral. I specified the colors I wanted and also the flowers even the ribbon to be placed on it. I asked for blue flowers and specified carnations white in color and the tips dyed blue with palms in the back ground. The owner showed me some flowers he had but I said no because they were not blue they were purple. He assured me he knew exactly what I would like and he would arrange them himself. When I paid for them I also paid delivery for this memorial gave the address to be delivered to got a reciept and left. Well to make my point I was so devestated when I got to the memorial the whole arrangement was with pink roses orange orchids and the flowers I told him were not blue. He refuses to give me a refund and says I should of took them back how many people do you know of that would carry away flowers meant for the dead and tell the family I HAD TO TAKE THEM BACK. Flower Expo 7000 Mgnolia ave Riverside, Calif.92506

How do I make a complaint of a purchase I made. Flower Expo sent the wrong colors and flowers to a funeral?
Since he refuses to give you a refund report his company to the Better Business Bureau.
Reply:If you paid with a credit card you can dispute the charges with your credit card company. You may not get anywhere but at least you will cause him some inconvience. It's worth a shot, at worst you can delay payment for a few months.

My neighbor left a fragile delivery at our door, knew we were home, rang doorbell and split. Was that Rude?

This was a delivery of a fairly large bouquet of flowers in a glass vase. We were not at home when the florist delieved so they left it with our neighbor. I called the neighbor at work and she said she would have her daughter bring it by who was running erands in her car (senior in high school). Now understand, this is a weird neighbor because she is a real estate agent with her smiling face on a couple of billboards around town. She's been in the paper and so she fancies herself somewhat of a public figure. But she is snotty, rude, won't return voice mails or emails, will hold up her hand and walk away from you if you try to speak to her in public, and this is unfortunately who the leadership of our 10-unit condo assn. fell to. I think her daughter was snubbing us by not at least waiting to HAND the flowers to us. She placed it so close to the outward swinging storm door, we couldn't open the door and had to walk around the block to retrieve the flowers. Was that rude?

My neighbor left a fragile delivery at our door, knew we were home, rang doorbell and split. Was that Rude?
definitey rude... but it sounds like..... "like Mother, Like Daughter!!!!" nothing you can do about you know the daughter is the same way... Double the trouble!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
Reply:Character or personality has nothing to do with it, just a kid in a hurry to do a chore who had other things on her mind. Forget it.
Reply:Maybe she was being rude and maybe she was simply being a kid. Don't dwell on it. Send a nice thank you note for the fact that they got your flowers to you. Two wrongs never make a right. Rise above it.
Reply:you are the rude one. You should have gone over and picked it up at your neighbors house. It was very nice of them to sign for it and then bring it your house. You have no right to be offended because they didn't extend themselves even further.

It appears you are petty and jealous over your neighbor.
Reply:Kinda thoughtless leaving it so close to the door that you couldn't open it without tipping the flowers. I'd say just give the daughter the benefit of the doubt, that she wasn't thinking, maybe she's cut from a different cloth than her mother (we hope)?
Reply:Yes, that was rude, but look who is modeling behavior for her to imitate. She sees her mom is a well known, successful person and believes she will be just like her. The problem is....she is
Reply:no.....and I think your making to big of a deal out of nothing.....get over it already...and you do sound like a hater..then you going to go on a rant about someone who put a comment you didn't wonder your neighbors don't want to talk with you...chill out....
Reply:Oh, that's definitely rude. I'd try and talk to her mother about it. You know, real estate agents are supposed to be more personable people. I'd advise my friends not to do business with her, for that specific reason.
Reply:Yes bloody rude .... my neighbour also did a similar thing to me once, my husband send me a big bouquet of flowers, in summer so it was very hot. He asked that it will be delivered early in the morning but they only delivered it later in the morning when I wasn't there. The stupid neighbour only brought it the next day ................never put it in water and all the flowers were wilting and dying. I mean why did she accept the flowers if she knew she was only bringing it the next day? People are so selfish
Reply:She probably thought you were coming out to collect the flowers immediately and didn't realised that the door couldn't be opened or she probably was running out of time. Yes that was a little rude and it would be more polite to hand the flowers to you in person but don't let this "little" incident bothering you.
Reply:Yes, seems like they didn't want to be bothered by it so lets just leave it outside.
Reply:That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. This woman needs a reality check and her daughter needs a boot in the Head

What to say/do when a friend loses her full-term baby?

I just found out that a friend lost her full-term baby during delivery last night. I want to convey my sadness for her and her husband, but I don't know if it is appropriate to call or send flowers. If I talk to her, what should I say? I can't begin to imagine the pain of carrying a child for nine months only to lose it in the delivery room...

What to say/do when a friend loses her full-term baby?
Thats terrible for her....something like that would crush you! I couldnt imagine that. Definately dont call because thats not personal enough. You could buy her a plant or a rose instead so she can plant it somewhere and feel close to the baby she lost. Sometimes u dont need to say much but by making yourself available and simply hugging and letting her know u care and are there if she needs you will mean alot. And dont forget about her in a month, she will need your shoulder for alot longer. Even maker her meals little things mean alot.

Just want to add that i had an ectopic pregnancy and i have a teddy bear (given when i found out i was preg) and also a small vase with flowers now dried that remind me of the baby.
Reply:i have a friend that lost her full term baby boy, it was very difficult to comfort her i let her know i was there for her but i also gave her space she came to me when she was ready.
Reply:only thing you can say, is that you are there for her and her husband...just be there. that is all she needs....Turthfully nothing you or anyone will say will be comforting to her...not for a long long time....if she rejects your at first, dont take it personal....just say I dont want to bother you....but I am here for you. and whatever you need I will be here to give.

Good sorry to hear about your friends loss, this will be a hard thing for all of you.
Reply:you need to go see her, hug her be there for her, cry with her, support her, there are no right words to say it will never be enough, listen to what she has to say and go from there i could never imagine dealing with this it is heart breaking, whatever you do do not say well you'll have another someday, thatis probably the last thing she wants to hear.....
Reply:You don't say if you live near-by. Please don't send anything, they don't need to deal with stuff, right now. If you call, ask him--not her--if you can come over, and if you can, just sit quietly with her and let her cry on you. Don't talk unless she initiates any remarks, and keep your replys brief and loving.

Bring food, anything is fine, but hot-dishes are best. Use plates or bowls you don't require returned. And if you're a good friend, continue to bring food as well as any supplies she may need.

Let her husband do what he needs to do to support them.

And continue not to offer advice. Just be there, let her cry on you. This is a quick answer, I'm sure there are other ideas, too.
Reply:Don't call I am sure she isn't up to talking. She must be devastated, poor thing. Maybe you can bring her dinner or send her a card and flwoer letting her know you are there for her.
Reply:Nothing U can do or say my momma's friend lost her baby in an early birth I think it was a month early she greived and greived but now she wound up pregnant after only a year they told her to wait a few years or untill she thought she was ready to try again and she was on birth control and used condoms but now she is pregnant again all U can do is be there for her (I'd pray for her too but I don't know if u or her or religious so ya........) But in any case I will pray for her! any way good luck
Reply:Don't need to say anything, nothing will sound right. Just be there for her, let her do the talking when she is ready. I'm sorry...
Reply:If possible, go see her. Give them both a hug. Tell them you're so very sorry for their lose. Let them know you are there for them if they ever need you. When she get out of the hospital, bring over some food. Offer to run errands for her, etc. I think you get the idea. She will be in no condition to do much. Once you ascess the situtation, then you'll know when to step back or help. Remember, they need time to grieve.

Any unique "delivery" websites? I'm tired of sending flowers and cookies!!?

My parents live 1200 miles away from me..... Mother's day mom gets flowers.... Father's day dad gets a cookie "boquet"..... they gotta be tired of the same old crap by now!!!! Anyone out there know about any other cool stuff that can be delivered? No.... mom wouldn't appreciate a stripper.... dad might..... but I'm talkin' something similar to getting flowers.... but NOT flowers!! Make any sense? Let me know if you have any cool ideas!!!

Any unique "delivery" websites? I'm tired of sending flowers and cookies!!? Gifts/Food

Hickory Gifts/Food Gifts/Food

Swiss Gifts/Food

Candles Variety of Items

Reply:Try QVC or HSN. They are both shopping sites that have all sorts of interesting items. Also go to CNN's website. At Christmas time they do bits on great shopping sites, I'd be willing to bet that they keep it up all year. Another unique site is Good luck finding your gifts.
Reply:Go to and check all the great deserts you can send. There is a million different things to send besides flowers.


Who else has received their Valentine's flowers yet?

the reason i ask is, i Baught my partners 12 roses and other flowers for delivery tomorow(totaling £60) and they were deliverd tonight @ 7 oclock! leaving me with no gift for my Good Lady!

i would be aswell giving her the card now!

Who else has received their Valentine's flowers yet?
I got mine too. It's ok though. I suspect the florists will be run raggged tommorrow so being an old married woman I don't mind getting them early.